Celtic Shield Knot Protection Powers Amulet Simulated Cherry Quartz Lucky Donut Pendant Necklace INf27DmX

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    CoolAmulets® Collection. Unique Celtic Shield Knot Amulet Lucky Donut Coin Shaped Pendant Necklace.  Donut Size: 30mm.  Unique Celtic Knot Bail is made from Silver-Tone Base metal. Ready to wear with Beautiful Link Style Stainless Steel 18 or 22 inch Chain Necklace.Comes with Gift Style Packaging.

    Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Celtic Shield Knot Amulet. Celtic Bail is made from Silver-Tone Base Metal. Lucky Donut is made from Simulated Cherry Quartz Crystal and makes is Absolutely Special and One of the Kind. This Amulet represents Spiritual Protection, Magic and Good Luck Powers and makes it Individual Good Luck Charm Amulet.

    Stay Unique, Special and Attractive with your Own Individual Celtic Shield Knot and Lucky Donut Amulet.

    Celtic Shield Amulet meaning:

    Celtic Shield Knot comes from Very Ancient Civilizations. Universally used for warding off evil spirits and protection from danger. The symbol is always fourfold based, but within a greater unity. Invoked as a ward to keep negative energy away. Corners of the knot are meant to represent the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.